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Training Supplies

The right supplies can have a huge impact on your training efforts. Check below for links to recommended training supplies that will help facilitate your dog's learning and put you back in the driver's seat!


Biothane leashes are a great option for most dogs. They are easy to clean, dry fast, and require no break-in.


Choose the 6" length. If in between widths, size up. 

Dogline Biothane Leash

This brand is great for small dogs. Choose the W1/2" x L6" size

J & J Dog Supplies

J & J Dog Supplies will work for small to large dogs.

Redline K-9 Biothane Leash

This brand is good for large dogs. Choose the W5/8" x L6" size.


Below are some options for harnesses. Bright Paws recommends using a front clip harness because it is safe for the dog, requires no adjustment period, and will give you a lot more control. 

Petsafe 3-in-1 Reflective Dog Harness

Petsafe Easy Walk Harness

Best harness for working on leash walking.


Kurgo Journey


Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Crash Tested Smart Car Dog Harness

Head collar:

This is a good option for extreme pullers or getting control with a large dog. A head collar requires a break-in period to get your dog used to having it on. Once your dog is comfortable wearing the collar it can expedite leash walk training to get faster and better results!

Petsafe Gentle Leader


Head collar instructions

Whichever brand you choose, make sure to properly introduce the head collar to your dog. Watch these videos for instructions on how to do this, as well as how properly fit the collar and an overview of how the collar is used along with training.


Small Dog Supplies:

If you have a very small dog, a regular small leash can feel overwhelming, or an xxs harness may not even fit. Li'l Pals comes in the tiniest sizes, made just for the littlest pups!

Li'l Pals


Toys and Chews

Always supervise your dog or puppy with a new toy until you're sure it will not prevent a choking hazard.

Kong Product Guide



Nylabone for Puppies


Himalayan Chews




West Paw

Chew Deterrent

For puppies who like to chew on all the wrong things, you can help deter this with a bitter tasting spray in conjunction with training appropriate chew behaviors and managing the environment. Reapply every other day. 

Grannick's Bitter Apple Spray

Cleaning Spray

Use an enzyme based cleaner to clean up after puppies and dogs during house training. Nature's Miracle is the industry recognized brand to destroy every last scent particle, interrupting the tendency to go back and have accidents in the same spots in the house. 

Nature's Miracle



Cots are an alternative to regular pet beds that allow for cooling air flow and maximum comfort. Cots can speed up the process of training your dog to go to their "spot" since the elevation of the bed helps to distinguish between the cot and the ground. 

Amazon Basics Cooling Elevated Pet Cot

Best budget meets quality pick. Good for most dogs.

Kuranda Chew Proof

Gold standard brand for pet cots in chew proof aluminum. 

Slow Feeder

For dogs who eat too quickly, these bowls will slow them down and help prevent bloat.

Outward Hound 

Training Treats

We will use plenty of treats when initially teaching your dog new concepts, so be sure to have a big bag on hand! Don't worry, we'll go over how to wean off treats so your dog isn't reliant on them to offer their best behavior. You may also try your dog's regular kibble. Portion out some of their meal and have them work it! Or, if your dog needs some extra motivation, try plain pieces of cut up chicken. Treat sizes should be about the size of a pea for most dogs. For small dogs and puppies you may break them up further. 



Pet Botanics

Full Moon Duck Jerky Fillet

Broken into smaller pieces as needed. 

Treat Pouches and Clickers

Silicone Treat Pouch with Clip

This treat pouch is included in all training programs. It's silicone, is easy to clean if using messy treats, and will clip onto whatever you're wearing. 

PetSafe Treat Pouch

This treat pouch has a belt clip and snaps shut to keep out wandering noses. It comes in a large or small size. 


These clickers are included in all training programs. 

Clicker Ring

Clicker rings are super helpful when juggling multiple things such as the leash and treats, particularly when doing leash walking. These are available in specific sizes to ensure the right fit. 

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