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Erin Taggart, B.A., CPT

Hi there! My name is Erin Taggart and I'm a dog trainer in Lakewood, Ohio. I have one dog, my happy and excitable German Spitz rescue, Queequeg.

I have a B.A. in psychology from Cleveland State University and I earned the title Certified Professional Trainer from the Master Dog Trainer course at National K-9 School for Dog Trainers. I continue my education with seminars and workshops, online courses, books, video, learning from other trainers, as well as from every new dog I work with. Dogs are individuals and will always bring something unique to training! 


The typical type of dog I train is your average family dog whose behavior has become frustrating, annoying, or even embarrassing. I fix issues like leash pulling, not coming when called, hyperactivity, acting up or bossiness, as well as training for particular goals such as puppy training, getting your dog to be more responsive to you around the house and to behave well in public places, preparing for a new baby, or integrating a newly adopted dog into your family.


My goal in training is to not only resolve issues, but to give you the peace of mind of a good-mannered dog you can enjoy more. We will use positive reinforcement training methods that are based in science and compassion. The best results occur when a dog is taught what we want from them and rewarded for good choices, much like a parent teaching a child. But positive doesn't mean permissive. We will humanely interrupt bad habits and redirect the dog to an appropriate behavior, guiding them to make better choices.

I do more than fix a few issues, I give you an easier life with your dog! 


Besides my love for training the family dog, I also have an interest in service dogs. In my free time I've volunteered for fundraising events with Canine Companions for Independence, who provides highly trained service dogs for people with disabilities. I've also been an advocate for animal rights, wildlife, and environmental causes for 17 years and am a member of Sierra Club and The Humane Society of the United States. As an animal rights supporter I've been a long-term vegetarian since 2002 and went completely vegan in 2020. I bring this compassion for animals to every dog I meet and fully enjoy working with clients who want the best life for their dog. Your goal is my goal!


Please visit my FAQ page to learn more about my training. Or, if you have any questions, please send me a message at and let's talk about your dog!

Formal Education

Erin trained my parents' Great Dane, Zaccara. They own a breeding kennel in Cleveland and have a minimum of five dogs in the house at any given time. Zaccara was the wild child of the bunch, but since her training she is the calmest and best behaved. It'd be great to get the rest of the beasts tamed! Thanks Erin!

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