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Puppy Training

About Puppy Training


Learning begins the moment your new puppy comes home. Start your puppy off on the right paw to becoming a well-behaved addition to your family. Get help with common puppy problems like:

  • House-training 

  • Play-biting 

  • Chewing

  • Walking on a leash

  • Jumping up on people or surfaces

  • Crate and separation training

  • Demand barking/bossiness


Using reward-based methods, we'll promote a positive relationship while resolving problem behavior. Lessons are one-on-one in your home, right where you need help the most.

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Puppy Preschool

The Puppy Program | For puppies 8 weeks to 6 months

This all-inclusive puppy program covers the range of topics involved with raising a puppy. We'll cover all aspects of puppy development including how to humanly halt misbehavior in its tracks. The habits you encourage or prevent now will determine the behavior of your dog as an adult. Let's set them down the right path! You'll get a well-behaved puppy who will grow into a relaxed, happy, and good dog you can take anywhere.

Program Options:

  • 4 Lessons - All the essentials for puppy raising.

  • 6 Lessons - Puppy essentials plus obedience training. 

  • 8 Lessons - Puppy essentials with more time to work on obedience and navigate puppy developmental stages.

Lessons are one hour. Includes puppy training e-book, handouts for quick reference, treat pouch, and clickers. 

Single Lessons

Individual Lessons | For puppies 8 weeks and up

Schedule your lessons individually for a flexible, pay as you go option. Or get additional support after a program has ended to continue training as your puppy goes through developmental stages. 


The focus of these lessons will depend on your goals with your puppy as well as what is appropriate for their current stage of development.


  • One Hour Private Lessons - Schedule individual one-hour lessons.

  • Half Hour Private Lessons - Work at home or meet up at a local park, pet store, Crocker Park, or other dog friendly venue to work on manners and socialization. Half hour lessons are also great to focus on leash walking.

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