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Learning begins the moment your new puppy comes home. Start your puppy off on the right paw to becoming a well behaved addition to your family. Get help with common puppy problems like house-training, mouthing, walking on a leash, jumping up, etc, while promoting a positive relationship and good behavior before issues ever develop.

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The one-hour, in-home consultation includes an evaluation, customized recommendations and what to expect in training, a puppy training book and handouts, introduction to reward-based training with a training session to get you started right away, and an email summary of our visit.

Puppy Preschool

The Puppy Essentials Program

For puppies 2 - 4 months

This all-inclusive puppy program covers the range of topics involved with raising a puppy. We'll cover all aspects of puppy development including easy to follow guidelines for crate and house-training. You'll get a well-behaved puppy who will grow into a relaxed, happy, and good dog you can take anywhere.

Topics covered include house-training, separation training, chewing and play-biting, jumping, socialization and handling, useful cues such as drop it, halting problem behavior in its tracks, and introducing basic obedience cues such as sit and down.

Prerequisite: Consultation

Program Options:

  • Two Private Lessons

  • Four Private Lessons

K9 Kindergarten

The Puppy to Adolescence Program

For ages 4 - 9 months

As your puppy grows out of the preschooler stage you may still experience lingering puppy issues such as occasional accidents in the house, inappropriate chewing, or jumping and play biting by an increasingly larger dog. Puppies will also become more independent at this stage and start testing their boundaries.

This is a perfect time to begin obedience training including loose-leash walking, to teach proper manners such as polite greetings with no jumping, and to set clear house-rules to encourage the development of good habits and not allow unwanted behavior to develop into persistent problems. The habits you encourage or prevent now will determine the behavior of your dog as an adult.

Prerequisite: Consultation


Program options:

  • 4 Private Lessons

  • 6 Private Lessons

Single Lessons

Individual Lessons

Schedule your lessons individually following your consultation for a flexible, pay as you go option. Or, get additional support after a program has ended to continue training as your puppy goes through developmental stages. 


The focus of these lessons will depend on your goals with your puppy as well as what is appropriate for their current stage of development.

Prerequisite: Consultation

Program Options:

  • One Hour Private Lessons - Schedule individual one-hour lessons.

  • Half Hour Private Lessons - Work at home or meet up at a local park, pet store, Crocker Park, or other dog friendly venue to work on manners and socialization. Half hour lessons are also great to focus on leash walking.

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Success Story

I had a client whose puppy I especially enjoyed training. He was a tiny Yorkie who was learning how to be on his very best behavior so that his owner could bring him to work everyday. He also had typical puppy issues with house-training and play biting.


During the training I focused on getting him out on the town to experience new things and people, and on practicing basic obedience. These outings helped him become more confident and well-behaved around whatever was going on, and thus able to be in a work setting on a daily basis. His other puppy problems resolved by his owner following through with the recommendations that are included in Puppy Preschool.


I am pleased to now offer a similar version of this little guy's training with K9 Kindergarten. This is a great choice for any puppy entering the adolescent stage, and a necessity for larger or more active breeds such as German Shepherds, Terriers, Rottweilers, Border Collies, etc., or for owners who, like the Yorkie's family, have specific goals for their dog.


Starting early means not suffering from behavior problems later on, and seeking training means that you're already on the right track for a rockstar dog! Give me a call at 216-395-7557 if you have any questions about these training options, and let's talk about your dog!


Erin Taggart

Dog trainer/owner at Bright Paws Dog Training