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Family friendly dog training

Q & A with Erin Taggart, Certified Professional Trainer

Here's a quick Q & A of some questions I frequently get asked. If there's anything else you'd like to know about my training and how I can help you please contact me at Thanks for visiting Bright Paws, I look forward to hearing about your dog!

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Can you tell me about your training?

Bright Paws uses positive reinforcement training, based in compassion and the constantly evolving science of learning and behavior. Rather than punishing what we don't like, we will teach the dog what we expect from them, similar to a parent guiding a child. We'll reward good choices, as well as humanely interrupt or prevent unwanted behaviors, because positive doesn't mean permissive! This creates an environment where your dog can easily offer their best behavior. 

Where do we train?

Bright Paws offers one-on-one, private lessons, where I meet you at your house or a dog friendly venue. Wherever you need help the most!

What is your service area?

Bright Paws is based in Lakewood, Ohio and serves all of Cuyahoga County, as well as Avon and Avon Lake.


Online training is available anywhere!

What is your availability for new clients and scheduling?

Updated 9/2/2023: Bright Paws is currently accepting new clients for dog and puppy training. 

Lessons are available Tuesday through Friday during these time slots:

10 am

3 pm

6 pm

Saturday scheduling is available at: 


          11 am 

          2 pm  

          5 pm

All lessons are self-scheduled on the website

How often should I train my dog?

Dogs learn best in several short sessions, rather than a single marathon session. This could be a couple of 5–10-minute sessions a day for dogs, or several 1–5-minute sessions throughout the day for young puppies. 

You should also incorporate training into your daily life. For example, start asking for a "sit" at the doorway or before dinner is set down.

Do you offer discounts?

Multiple dog households can take 10% off any program of equal or lesser value when purchased at the same time, and only one initial consultation is required for the household.


A 5% discount is available for U.S. military, veterans, and students

Can you help with __________ ?

Bright Paws is an obedience training service specializing in everyday issues and goals with the typical family dog or new puppy. This includes bad habits and nuisance behaviors, leash pulling, puppy training, basic obedience training, jumping, training your dog to behave with distractions, in public, around your guests, and more. I do not train for dog reactivity or other aggression issues, or socialization with other dogs.


If you need help with aggression, you can find a certified animal behavior consultant here. If you're wondering whether Bright Paws can help you with your unique issues with your dog, please send me an email at

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