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Dog Training

About Bright Paws' Training

Frustrated by your dog's behavior? Tired of getting dragged down the street and your dog constantly jumping up on you and your guests? Would you love to do more with your dog, but right now they're not listening at all? 


Imagine your dog going to their bed while you're making dinner. Coming when you call without playing a game of keep away. Walking nicely by your side on a walk. Your dog can be an absolute joy to be around!


  • All training is private lessons, meaning your trainer comes to you and gives you one-on-one, personalized attention and customized recommendations.

  • Work at home or at a public location- wherever you need help the most!

  • Learn how to teach your dog the right behavior while stopping unwanted behaviors in their tracks using humane, reward-based training methods.

  • You'll get Ongoing Support to check in whenever you have a question.

  • Self-schedule your lessons right on the website!

Dog training programs are for ages 9 months and up. Fill out the contact form to the get the program info and pricing pdf.


Start Here!


The one-hour, in-home consultation includes an evaluation, customized recommendations and what to expect in training, a training book and handouts, introduction to reward-based training with a training session to get you started right away, and an email summary of our visit.

Canine Coach

Basic Obedience Level 1

Get coached each week to teach your dog a foundation of obedience and good manners, and to address common nuisance issues. 

May include the behaviors: sit, down, leash walking, no jumping, no barking, leave-it, intro to come when called, go to your bed, or whatever your unique need in training is. 

Lessons are one hour. 

Prerequisite: Consultation

Program Options:

  • 4 Lessons - Work on one or two pesky issues or focus on a particular goal.

  • 6 Lessons - The perfect fit for most families. 

Canine Coach 2

Obedience Level 2

Build on the behaviors learned in Canine Coach or work on higher level goals. 

May include the behaviors: recall in a fenced area, go to your bed, settle- for hyper dogs, sit and stay with distractions, advanced leave-it, manners in public, etc. 

Lessons are one hour.

Prerequisite: Canine Coach

Program Options:

  • 4 Lessons - Teach new skills and get a responsive and good dog even with distractions.

  • 6 Lessons - Best for working with hyper dogs or bigger goals.

Single Lessons

Individual Lessons 

Schedule your lessons individually following your consultation for a flexible, pay as you go option. Or schedule as needed to continue training or to work on new goals after a program has ended.

Choose from one hour or half hour long lessons. 

Half hour lessons are great for working on manners in a public location, or for focusing on leash walking.

Prerequisite: Consultation 

Program Options:

  • One Hour Private Lessons - Schedule individual one-hour lessons.

  • Half Hour Private Lessons  - Work at your house or meet up at a local park, pet store, Crocker Park, or other dog friendly venue.

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Erin was able to completely transform my dog's behavior. Minnie is a black lab that had so much energy I couldn't even walk her down the street. She also had a bad habit of jumping on us. Now, after Erin worked with her she is a joy to live with and to take for a walk. Her manners have improved so much that everyone asks me who trained her.

-The Jedlicka Family

Queequeg demonstrating his leash walking skills at Lakewood Park. 

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