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Dog and 
Puppy Training
on Cleveland's
West Side

Offering reward-based dog and puppy training through in-home private lessons and online training.


Do you need help with:

Leash pulling

Jumping up on people

House-training headaches

Play biting and puppy manners

Teaching your dog to behave in public

Not listening

Not coming when called


Teen dog testing their limits, and your patience!

Don't worry, we know what you're going through and are here to help. Get access to modern training techniques, one-on-one attention, self-scheduled lessons to work at your own pace, and customized lessons to focus on the areas you need help with the most. 


Dog Training     

Has your dog's behavior become frustrating or even embarrassing? Would you like your dog to listen to you and behave better in public or with guests?

At Bright Paws we resolve problems and give you a reliable dog you can enjoy more. 

Check out our program options:

Training Programs 

Puppy Training     

Your puppy is learning the moment they come home. Set your puppy on the bright path to being a well-behaved member of your family!

Puppy Preschool provides all the essentials on raising a perfect puppy.


Or, set your teen dog on the road to success with our K9 Kindergarten program.

Training Programs

Online Coaching     


In-person lessons are not always necessary to get great results. Many training goals can be successfully addressed through online coaching.


We'll work through Zoom sessions, emails, video review, and What's App.

Contact us to see if your goals can be reached through online coaching! 

Online Training

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We're very happy with what Erin was able to do! Ghost had typical husky behaviors like pulling while walking him and escaping out of our fenced in yard multiple times. Erin taught Ghost, and more importantly us, how to deal with these issues. Ghost is so much easier to handle now, listens better, has more self control and is generally a more civilized dog.

-Shannon and Channing

Private lessons


Erin Taggart, BA, CPT

If you're looking to create a bright future with your dog, you've come to the right place! Bright Paws provides humane and effective training methods through one-on-one lessons and customized recommendations right in your home. 

Using reward-based training, Erin will help you resolve issues and create a strong foundation of good behavior for your dog.

Erin is a certified professional trainer and is a member of the APDT, adhering to their position statements which includes using the least intrusive, minimally aversive methods. 

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